Dear Friends

Future facing companies that use their sustainable development activities effectively always capture a strong competitive advantage. As Suzer Group, we are one of the pioneers of sustainable development in our country’s business world.Alongside the projects we have successfully carried out in Turkey, whether pursuant to exportation or national and international investments, we have always taken innovative steps.

We adopted an approach to provide a successful response to the conditions of the local and global business world, leading to the betterment of the sustainable development phase.We determined our business areas accordingly. When necessary we expanded our service scope, focused on specific areas, without making any concessions regarding quality, and continued our success journey.

In 2018, we are leaving another year of triumph behind us. Besides our successful national investments, in recent years we have also concentrated our attention more toward our investments abroad and accelerated the process.

As Suzer Group, we have always been eager and faithful in terms of investing in our own country. We have demonstrated particular effort so that our most prominent investments will be established in Turkey. We have completed many of these with prosperity.Our Group is working with local and authentic qualities embedded in our mission and sense of responsibility to enhance Turkey’s position in the global economy.There are many issues awaiting for solutions in 2019. I whole-heartedly believe we can overcome these issues by working harder and joining forces.As Suzer Group, we will continue to exhibit the same high performance and innovative approach we have been since our establishment. Our primary objective remains as growing in all our business fields, investing in Turkey and abroad and creating greater value for our country.

Kind regards,

Mustafa Süzer 
Honorary President of Suzer Group 
December, 2018